Psychological Counselling – Adults

Psychological counselling is an active process in which clients are assisted in building their understanding of the difficulties they are experiencing and to find practical and effective ways to deal with them. People find counselling to be of benefit as it provides them with a non-judgemental environment where feelings, thoughts and opinions can be expressed and heard, and skills and coping strategies can be learned that help them deal with challenges in their lives. Nicole can cover areas such as:

Counselling sessions take place in a confidential comfortable office and last up to 55 minutes. At your first session Nicole will gather information to assess your concerns. Together you will develop a plan, look at strategies, and consider resources to support you and determine whether further counselling is needed. If it is decided that further counselling would be of benefit you will be invited to make another appointment. At the end of each appointment Nicole will normally review with you the progress achieved during counselling and look at your ongoing needs. The number of appointments will vary depending on the nature of your requirements.