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Medicare Rebates

Since the 1st November 2006, Medicare can provide rebates for patients with a Mental Health Condition who are treated by a Registered Psychologist. The client must be referred by their GP or psychiatrist with progress being reviewed after 6 sessions with the psychologist. Clients will be allowed to claim a maximum of 10 sessions per calendar year for individual counseling.

More information about Medicare rebates, including a full list of Mental Health Conditions that are claimable under this scheme, is obtainable from the Consumer fact sheet on the APS website www.psychology.org.au.

In certain cases your GP can refer you to a Psychologist under what is called an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan. This is only available for certain complex, chronic conditions so discuss this with your GP. Psychology can otherwise be covered by some major private health funds.

Practice Rates

1 hour consultation $155.00